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Forehand Course

When the forehand is a weapon, it’s a game changer.  I struggled with the forehand until I used the core principles that you’ll see in this course.  Learn the fundamentals and also the hidden skills to boost your forehand to the next level.  Regardless of your level, there is plenty of details in this course to give you that extra edge for your upcoming tennis season.

Backhand Course

Tired of getting attacked on your backhand?  It can be frustrating to know that your backhand is a liability rather than a dependable stroke to lean on during a rally.  This course will teach you the essentials that all good backhanders have, including the all important slice backhand.

Best of Youtube Course

Check out my top youtube videos that I redesigned.  You’ll see the videos are broken into the 4 sections: forehand, serve, backhand and fitness.  You also will get checkpoints and quizzes to ensure you get the most out of the content!


Serve Course

Starting the point with a big serve gives you the advantage that can be the difference maker you’re looking for.  The serve is also the hardest and most frustrating stroke to learn.  I’ve developed a strong serve knowing the main principles to follow that anyone can use to have a strong serve too.  You’ll learn all these essentials in this course.

Fitness Course

Fitness is essential for any serious tennis player.  With a certification in strength and conditioning, I give you the core exercises that covers the important pillars of a tennis player:  core, strength, speed and mobility.  You’ll learn how to stay injury free as you develop your body into a tennis playing machine! 


Tennis Community

Connect with like-minded tennis players that are trying to improve their game.  You can ask questions and post videos to get the answers you need.  Also get weekly content to support you to learn tennis the right way!

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